Child Minion Costume

A Call to GreatnessSince the very beginning of time, Minions have existed to serve the most powerful evil masters. The trouble is, not many of their masters have been successful at surviving their help. Even Dracula was no match for their epic surprise birthday party (oops). But now that they have Gru, everything is back on track! There’s nothing that can stand in the Minions’ way as they become the greatest – and sillies – evil henchmen in the world. 

Product Details
Help steal shrink rays, pilot huge machines, and eat all the bananas you can get your hands on when you wear your exclusive, officially licensed Minions Costume for Kids! The one-piece jumpsuit fastens up the back and is designed to look like a long-sleeved yellow shirt under blue denim overalls. Buttons adorn the faux overall straps and Gru’s symbol is printed across the pocket on the chest. Slip on the yellow knit headpiece with its yarn hair, add the black gloves, and finish off your look with the plastic lab goggles!  C’est Banana!  What’s on the schedule for today? It looks like there’s lab work with Dr. Nefario to figure out the best way to reload a fart gun, and a all-staff meeting at noon to discuss how to take over the world with the least amount of effort and complications. You won’t want to miss that one: Gru always brings lots of fruit. When you have free snacks, good friends, and lots of interesting projects, who wouldn’t want to be an evil henchmen? 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Blue & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Child Minion Costume

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