Child LEGO Star Wars Yoda Deluxe Costume

Awesome, This IsAs you swoop down into the swampy hills and tree-covered vales of this new world, you wonder if this was a bad idea. Hiding away from the great evils of the universe was never the Jedi way, but you do need to survive if you are going to be any use at all to the universe in later days.Finally setting your ship down in a likely looking spot, you exit the vehicle and walk into the swamp. At last, you settle on a log with a tiny little stick poking out from beneath it. You know that you are home. Eyeing the hollow tree across from you, you sigh with contentment. At least, you think to yourself, at least there are no seagulls here!
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Finding the right fashion to fit your environment is key, but it has never been easier than it is with this LEGO Star Wars Yoda Deluxe Child Costume. This awesome costume includes a tunic with a built-in frame that will give you that iconic LEGO look, and pants to go with it. The mask is well rounded into that perfectly spherical LEGO shape, and the LEGO-style gloves complete the look. The entire costume has been designed to look exactly like Yoda in the LEGO Star Wars games and sets. We are sure that you will love it!The Robes of a Jedi MasterIf you are looking for the perfect LEGO Yoda costume for your child, then you have found it! You will love seeing him run around trying to use the force in this great-looking costume. Just make sure he doesn’t challenge any Sith before he’s gotten a chance to test out his powers!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys


Color: Black & Green

Material: Polyester

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Child LEGO Star Wars Yoda Deluxe Costume

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