Child Iced Gingerbread Man Costume

GINGERBREAD, MAN Being a gingerbread man is not a cookie-cutter-kind of lifestyle. When you’re strolling down the vanilla-frosted streets, anything could happen. You could be walking to the store for groceries then BAM! ”someone comes out of nowhere and bites an arm off. You’re reading a book inside your quant, gumdrop-adorned gingerbread house and BOOM! ” there goes a leg, lost to the jaws of some sugar-obsessed child. See, there’s nothing sweet about being tasty! Gingerbread homes could be smashed to smithereens and/or eaten at any given moment” POOF, kiss your home bye bye. When you’re made from dough, home insurance isn’t an option…So the bottom line is, be tough if you’re planning on suiting up as a gingerbread man. Look soft and chewy on the outside, of course, but be tough and tenacious on the inside. It’s what the lifestyle demands! And if you’re suddenly grabbed and dunked head-first into an ice cold glass of milk? Just stay strong, dude…             

Product Details
 A Made by Us design, the child’s iced gingerbread man costume is a fun holiday-themed costume, perfect to wear for Halloween and Christmas. The high-quality jumpsuit features a zipper in the back while the mitts are attached to the end of the sleeves for simplicity. Stuffed red buttons and a green bow tie are sewn to the front while a circular headpiece completes the delicious-looking ensemble. Featuring a white smiley face you can see from but people can’t see in, this disguises will make mouths water and spread sheer holiday joy to all!    CATCH ME, I DARE YA! Jump out of the oven looking fresh! Since gingerbread men are known to be quite nimble, people will want to catch you. Get ready for tons of friendly races with your buddies. We put all our money on you so move those gingerbread legs as fast as you can!    

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Brown & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Child Iced Gingerbread Man Costume

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