Child Get Real Strawberry Costume

Let’s Go Berry-Picking!  Do you have a picky eater in your house? They might turn up their noses at artichokes and asparagus, liver and onions, or chicken baked with quinoa and sweet potatoes (honestly, we do too sometimes), but our guess is that they’ll never turn down a big, lucious strawberry! You can include this favorite fruit with so many yummy treats: It can be turned into jam, stuffed inside a tender strawberry shortcake, dipped in melted chocolate or simply eaten on its own! The person who made up the term “nature’s candy” was definitely thinking about the strawberry. 

Product Details
Have a jamboree in this Child Get Real Strawberry Costume! Your little one will look good enough to eat inside this sweet outfit. The polyester pullover tunic has a sturdy poly foam front that’s backed with breathable polyester jersey material. Its rounded shape makes it look like a giant, ripe strawberry, as do the realistic graphics of a strawberry’s shiny red skin flecked with small yellow seeds.The green collar has oversized faux green leaves to mimic a strawberry’s. Have your child wear the tunic with their choice of lightweight street clothes for a costume that’s as comfortable as it is sweet!  Farmer’s Market SpecialPeople will be doing double-takes when they see your child dressed up in this outfit! The costume looks so realistic that they’ll wonder how a strawberry grew so big (and sprouted legs and arms! ) The advances made by modern farming are truly amazing, aren’t they? 

Brand: Rasta Imposta

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Green & Red

Material: Polyester


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Child Get Real Strawberry Costume

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