Child Garfield Costume

Sorry, kid, but there have to be a few rules. One, you can’t go out on Halloween night if you’re going to continue being mean to Odie. Two…Okay. Maybe we’re not in a position to declare rules and issue decrees. But we’re not sure how much your kiddo might like this whole trick-or-treating thing. Most (we hope all) people give out candy to trick-or-treaters, not lasagna. Like, we’re cool with that idea, but it’s just not what happens. It sounds delicious to be sure, but expensive and more than a little messy.If your child has a love of lasagna and a need to dress like their favorite cartoon character, then this Garfield costume for kids is the perfect fit! Just don’t be surprised if they start requesting the Italian noodle dish instead of candy while trick or treating this year!

Design & Details
This costume includes a polyester costume that resembles our favorite comic-strip feline. The costume comes with plenty of details made to make your child look just like the cat from the Sunday funnies. If you’re looking to bring down the energy levels of your hyperactive toddler, put them in this Garfield costume, and, hopefully, theyll begin to act like the lazy feline. Again, lasagna helps.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Orange

Material: Polyblend


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Child Garfield Costume

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