Child Ferdinand Bull Costume

Game ChangerYour little one’s school has been lively lately. A group of young bullies has been starting fights, harassing younger kids, and challenging others, like yours, to playground duels. But your child doesn’t rise to the occasion. And Monday, during a heated recess confrontation, your child stood his ground, simply explaining that he is a lover, not a fighter; he much prefers to hang in the grass, staring up at the trees swaying in the breeze.And you know what? After watching your kiddo turn away, stroll onto the lawn, and plop down in the shade under the oak tree, the bullies had a change of heart. They were so taken with the peacefulness of your child, they renounced their brutish ways and joined your kid there, enjoying the scenery and smelling the flowers.Wow”even Ferdinand himself would be pretty proud of that outcome! It sounds like your kid has definitely earned this Child Ferdinand Bull Costume. Imagine the good he can do when he’s roaming around dressed as his inspirational hero!

Design & Details
Our clever design team worked tirelessly (and peacefully, no doubt) to bring your this officially-licensed look that turns your tot into Ferdinand, instantly! It’s a fun and furry jumpsuit with a puffed-out belly to help mimic Ferdinand’s huge size. A tufted tail adorns the back, little hoof mitts dress up the hands, and a perfect likeness of Ferdinand tops the hood.Don’t worry about the horns, your kiddo won’t be using them to poke anyone! No, your little bull is so peaceful and kind, he’d sooner offer up his horns for you to hang your hat or bag on! Charge! Not only did your child disband the bullies, but he led his whole class to the grass at the first recess bell. Everyone spent the period relaxing in the shade and sniffing the flowers, being calm and friendly. What a wonderful, relaxing presence your child has!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Brown & Beige

Material: Polyester


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Child Ferdinand Bull Costume

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