Child Deluxe Red Dragon Costume

DRAGON KIDSSome children are knights. They want to be the valiant protectors of the kingdom! They want to gallop through the land and slay evil monsters. They want to gain the adoration of the common folk while wearing shiny armor. Other kids? Well… they’re more of a dragon type. They’d much rather soar through the sky as they breathe fire on all of the grass-roofed cottages. They want to kidnap princesses and they want to hoard gold in their lair”you know, dragon stuff.There are plenty of cool knight costumes, but we wanted to make sure that those dragon-kids out there had an awesome costume to wear too! That’s why our costume designers got to work on this child’s deluxe red dragon costume!

Design & Details
This child dragon costume spares no details in giving your child the full dragon experience. The costume comes with a cozy, full-body jumpsuit that has an amazing dragon scale print exterior, which looks like scaly lizard skin. It fits simply with a zipper in front for easy changing. The back of the jumpsuit has an attached tail with various spikes on the back. It also has a pair of red dragon wings attached to the back. The sleeves have dragon claw mitts attached to them, so your child will look like one ferocious Medieval creature! The shoe covers also look like dragon claws. Finally, the hood is designed to look like a dragon’s face to bring the whole look together! THE DRAGON FAMILYIf your child is a dragon-kid, don’t fight it. Dragon-kids were born to breathe fire upon the land, so be a proud dragon-parent and dress them up in this exclusive dragon costume. You could even join in on the fun by dressing up in one of our adult dragon costumes to match.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Orange & Red

Material: Polyester


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Child Deluxe Red Dragon Costume

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