Child Deluxe Christmas Girl Wig

Give Grumps a ChanceWhen you’re part of a community that loves Christmas, it seems bizarre that the weird loner outside of town would hate the festive holiday. It’s a good thing that you’re as kindhearted as your hair is creative: You can discover that even the crabbiest people with the clammiest hands can actually be kind of sweet. 

Product Details
Help your friends discover the true meaning of Christmas by wearing this exclusive Deluxe Christmas Girl Wig for Kids! A mesh wig cap with a fitted edge is concealed under blonde synthetic hair that has been ornately styled. Two braids loop up the sides to finish in two big curls. A topknot of hair in the middle is tied with a red bow!  Happy Holidays to All Every Christmas is an exciting time – even when you don’t have someone trying to sabotage it. Wear your fanciest hair to celebrate, along with a fun costume!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Yellow & Red

Material: Synthetic Fiber


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Child Deluxe Christmas Girl Wig

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