Child Bright Heart Raccoon Care Bears & Cousins Costume

BRIGHTEST BULB IN THE FORESTEveryone likes to think that their kid is the quickest, wittiest little bugger in the whole urban jungle.  And, certainly, each kiddo has that moment where they are really showing off their stuff.  They might answer a question with some surprising insight, leaving us sure that they’re going to become a world leader that will bring us out of the muck.  Perhaps they’ve invented some peculiar game or even a Rube Goldberg style machine that we will never figure out.  But, here’s the thing.  You already know that your kid is the real deal.  They’re smarter than all the rest.  All of those so-called genius activities of the rest of the neighborhood kids are just a yawn!   They need something to really care about to let their brilliance light the place up.  Actually, that reminds us perfectly of someone else.  We bet that your little Einstein would make perfect friends with the cleverest critter in the Forest of Feelings.  And we’ve got just the way to introduce the two of them!  

Design & Details
Time to bring some Care Bear magic and witty wonder to your home with this officially licensed Bright Heart Raccoon Costume!   Your kid is going to love strutting their stuff and showing off the bright bulb belly badge with this jumpsuit that our own genius designers worked to craft.  The high-quality look includes a two-tone raccoon tail, super-soft hood with Bright Heart’s facial features, and the iconic heart-shaped lightbulb on the belly.  Even the heartless of the world are going to have to think again when they see the bright smile on your kiddo’s raccoon face!  THE COUSINS HAVE A NEW LEADERSure, Brave Heart Lion seems to be the leader of the Care Bear Cousins, but that’s only because Bright Heart Raccoon knows that the lion sorta needs it.  But, when your kiddo dons this brilliant costume, there will be no question that there is a new King or Queen of the Forest of Feelings.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Purple & White

Material: Polyester


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Child Bright Heart Raccoon Care Bears & Cousins Costume

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