Child Blue Footless Tights

Warm Feet, Cool LegsYour child deserves a well-rounded costume. Maybe that’s because they’re a well-rounded kid. Maybe that’s because you want them to fully jump into character. Because there’s nothing worse than investing in a costume and realizing that it’s chilly out and you’ve got nothing but jeans or boring black leggings to pair it with. Keep those legs cool with royal blue leggings. Because we all know that a cute blueberry or happy Nemo clown fish needs happy blue legs. 

Product Details
These flexible leggings won’t be the centerpiece of your child’s costume but they will be a way to make your ensemble flow together. With a comfortable fit and bright color, these leggings can even make their way into your child’s everyday wardrobe. Keep your child warm and comfortable without compromising on the blue hue.True BlueAre you ready to help your little one dive into their next costume? Way to think of all the details with these simple leggings! Whether your little one is dressing up as a deep sea creature or a delightful Farmer’s Market quality blueberry costume, they can throw these leggings on to keep themselves covered. It turns out, being blue isn’t that bad after all!

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue

Material: Nylon


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Child Blue Footless Tights

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