Cheshire Cat Toddler Onesie

The Mystery of ToddlersToddlers are an enigma. No matter how much you try to understand them, they find new ways of befuddling you. Sometimes, they’ll use their blossoming mind to make a brain-busting observation and create a brand new sentence. Why, a few months ago we saw a toddler point at tires on an automobile while shouting the words “car feet”. We haven’t stopped thinking about it (are they car feet?! ). Other times, they might try to feed the family cat crayons so their favorite feline friend can have a colorful tummy. They also might occasionally flush the keys down the toilet because they want to see if a fish can drive a car (we still don’t understand that line of logic). It’s almost like all of their words and actions are just a series of riddles for us adults to solve…Hey, wait a second! Isn’t that exactly how the Cheshire Cat behaves? Yep, it’s settled. Toddlers are really just little Cheshire Cats, trying to confuse us with unanswerable riddles! Maybe it’s time you got your toddler the outfit to match!

Design & Details
Our costume designers created an Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit that’s perfect for enigmatic kids! This Toddler Chesire Cat Onesie is an all-in-one outfit, making it easy to wriggle your toddler into it! The colorful jumpsuit has brilliant pink and purple stripes to help give your child a whimsical look to match their whimsical attitude. It has a zipper in the front and has an attached tail in the back. It also an attached hood that has cute kitty ears on the top. It all combines for a look that’ll have your tot ready for a trip to Wonderland.Kitty ConundrumIf your child has a talent for talking in riddles, or if you just think they’d look adorable as Wonderland’s most mischievous kitty cat, then this is definitely the comfy costume your child needs. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Pink & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Cheshire Cat Toddler Onesie

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