Cheshire Cat Kid’s Onesie

A Little Too Quiet…Hmm, do you hear that? Listen to it. Nothing. It’s the sound of pure silence in the house. Silence should be relaxing. It should be the sign that peace and balance have returned to your home. It should be a chance for you to let your guard down… but you know better. That silence just means your little one is plotting something mischievous. Maybe they’re planning a prank or perhaps they’re about to do something that bends the rules a bit. The puzzle quickly becomes a puzzle for you to figure before something troublesome happens. Yes, it’s clear that your little one is channeling their inner Cheshire Cat! If your child loves a little light-hearted mischief, then maybe it’s time to get them the adorable outfit that matches their attitude. This Made by Us Cheshire Cat Onesie for kids is a cute way for them to dress up like their favorite character from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories!

Design & Details
Our costume designers love the works of Lewis Carroll and they really wanted to craft a costume that did justice to one of his most iconic characters, the Cheshire Cat. They worked hard to create a costume that captures the true mischief of the colorful cat and they came up with this Cheshire Cat costume. The costume comes with a cozy onesie-style jumpsuit that has the bright pink and purple colors of the Cheshire Cat. It has a zipper in front and has an attached tail in the back. Of course, the best part about this onesie is the hood, which has a pair of kitty-cat ears on top.The Inner CatIf your child likes to cook up mischief, or likes to talk in riddles, then this Cheshire Cat costume will help them tap into their inner Cheshire Cat! To achieve the look in the image, be sure to pair this onesie up with some of our makeup kits!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Pink & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Cheshire Cat Kid’s Onesie

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