Cheeky Chipmunk Infant Costume

Wild ChildSometimes it seems like a chipmunk has taken up residence in your home. You find stale snacks tucked under pillows and half-eaten crackers mixed in with boxes of toys. Little squeaks from the baby monitor wake you every morning. High-pitched chatter calls your attention whenever its time to intervene at playtime. When its bath time or bedtime its hard to catch your little one as they scurry out of your reach. Its just lucky they cant burrow into the ground, just under layers of blankets.It may be hard to keep up with their energy sometimes, but at least your little one is cute. Their big squishy cheeks and bright eyes make it hard to stay mad, even when theyre racing away from you or playing at naptime. It doesnt seem worth it to fight their playful nature. When your little ones spirit animal is a chipmunk it only makes sense to let them stay wild and celebrate Halloween in this Cheeky Costume!

Product Details
Charming doesnt begin to cover the look of this chipmunk jumpsuit. Your little one will look as cuddly and mischievous as the real thing in this crushed velvet Chipmunk Costume. A detachable tail and inseam snap-closure make getting baby changed simple. Attached booties with non-slip souls keep your little one steady and warm while they enjoy some Halloween fun. The full hood features wide cartoon eyes and extra squishy cheeks that are almost too good not to pinch! With an included acorn plush, your little chippy will have something to play with and complete their woodland look.Halloween GatheringSince your little one already seems pretty good at stockpiling their snacks, we can assume they will be great at scoring a little extra Halloween candy for the household. With those big cheeks and twinkling eyes, how would anyone say no to one more treat? Then, when you get your little one down for their Halloween hibernation, you can enjoy a little fall feast for yourself!

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Brown & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Cheeky Chipmunk Infant Costume

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