Caterpillar Kid’s Costume

Ready to TransformKids are basically like wizards. One minute, they are one thing. But, if you dare blink… if you take a breath… sometimes even if you have your eyes directly trained on them and watch carefully for even the slightest warble of movement, focusing in so much that you are certain you’re in the midst of a never-ending staring contest… ZAP! They’re like a completely different person. All you can do is blink again and wonder how that happened!  First, they love trains. Or bugs. Or that hotdish with spiral pasta shells. Then, they act like they have always, their whole life, absolutely despised spiral pasta shells and how could you even do that to them! ? They’re like little caterpillars, stretching out, enjoying life as their own pace, and running around on a hundred legs until they’re ready to become something hardly even recognizable to their previous form. It’s pretty wonderful… kinda. 

Design & Details
Of course, if you just want to keep that little creature of yours in one mode for just a hint longer, we can offer a little bit of help from a couple of our own wondrous friends. We’ve teamed up to put together this adorable Caterpillar costume. This look is a puffy foam-backed jersey tunic that you can stuff with cotton to bulk up the tummy and false arms and legs. It zips up the back for an easy fit and the hood pulls over to give them a fun curled top. You can even go with some blue face paint if you really want to sell the look!  Butterfly Costume for Next YearEnjoy the fun look of this iconic character in costume form and the wide smile that’s bound to come from your little buggers. Then, next year, when they’re not so sure about the caterpillar look, you can upgrade to a butterfly with either a second costume or just attach a nice pair of wings!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Blue

Material: Polyester Foam


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Caterpillar Kid’s Costume

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