Cat in Pumpkin Kid’s Costume

A Match Made in HalloweenSometimes, it’s just too hard to choose! Halloween has so many iconic styles… there’s the classic black cat, seen alongside many a witch in the night. There are pumpkins with silly smiles on each doorstep. If you’re trying to get the most iconic Halloween costume of them all, then why choose? Just combine the two into one amazing costume. That’s exactly what this Cat in Pumpkin Costume does for your child’s next trick-or-treating outing!

Product Details
Now your child can create some fantastic Halloween vibes in this adorable costume! The costume starts with a bright orange tunic top, shaped like a Jack-o-Lantern. It’s made out of jersey knit fabric with velour straps that fit over your child’s shoulders. It’s ultra-easy to change into! The front of the tunic has appliqued details in the shape of a smiling face and triangle eyes.The hood fits with a strap under the chin and has foam backing to help give it that feline shape! The pointy ears and cat face details on the front really help your child feel like a traditional black cat. The matching tail attaches to the pumpkin tunic and even has wire on the inside, so you can customize its shape. The matching black mitts fit on your child’s hands and look like adorable little cat paws. Finally, the satin choker fits around your child’s neck to bring it all together! Purrrfect the LookWant to capture the look seen in the image? Then you’ll want to pair this outfit with some black pants and shirt. This costume doesn’t come with them, but you can match it up with clothes your child already has to get the purrrrrfect style. Of course, if you dress up like a witch alongside your child… it’d be even more iconic! (We’re just sayin’.)

Brand: MOM

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Orange & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Cat in Pumpkin Kid’s Costume

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