Carrot Bunting Baby Costume

Just PickedThis farmer’s market has a reputation for having the freshest, newest-picked produce on the market. Take this booth, for example. This carrot here is absolutely brand-new. It just emerged a little while ago, in fact, and it’s already doing all of the things a new carrot should do: Snuggling, napping, eating, often waking its “purchasers” up in the middle of the night to eat some more. What do you mean, you’ve never heard of a carrot doing these things? You should visit the farmer’s market more. 

Product Details
Your newest crop will look so snuggly and sweet in this exclusive Carrot Bunting Costume for Babies! The body of the bunting is made of super soft orange knit with an end that comes to a point like a carrot’s. It’s easy to dress your baby in, and it acts like a cozy swaddle (if a swaddle was a carrot). The matching knit orange hat is a great way to keep baby’s head toasty warm. It’s topped with a knitted, curly green tassel that resembles a carrot frond. Farm Fresh Goodness If you’re planning a country or farm-themed costume this year, your baby would look extra adorable as a cute carrot! The costume is so easy to put on your infant, thanks to its simple design, and is meant to work like a regular bunting. That means that your tiny carrot will (hopefully) sleep through a party or gathering and you can show off your fresh produce as it peacefully snoozes. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: As Shown

Material: Polyester


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Carrot Bunting Baby Costume

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