Carnival Nightmare Evil Clown Boy’s Costume

A Show You’ll Never ForgetStep right up, ladies and germs, step riiiiiight up! Come one, come all to get your tickets while they last! See the most amazing sights you’ve ever glimpsed and prepare to be amazed and shocked! People have been calling this the most unforgettable thing they’ve ever seen…at least, everyone who’s made it out of the circus tent in one piece has, anyway. Well, actually all the viewers who have gone into the tent have failed to come out, and there’s been quite a bit of screaming. But we’re sure that just means that they’re having fun! 
Product Details
You’ll be a terrifying one-person show in this Boy’s Carnival Nightmare Evil Clown Costume! To be the most frightening act in the world, slip the polyester satin shirt over your head and fasten it in the back. It’s black and white colorblocked torso is embellished with big buttons and splattered with…is that blood? Yikes! The sleeves have ruffles at the elbows and black and white arms leading down to cuffs that are as tattered as the shirt’s hemline. The colorblocked pants also have bloodstain patterns, ruffles at the knees, and a black-and-white-striped pattern from the knee to the ankles. To finish your chilling look, put on the molded vinyl mask! It covers your entire head and features a hideously evil-looking clown face as well as tufts of faux hair and an attached pointed cap. Who’s Laughing Now? Clowns are usually trained to make other people chuckle, but this one seems determined to have the last laugh! Believe us, you do NOT want to make him do a trick for his treat! 

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Boys

Size: L

Color: Black & Red & Yellow

Material: Polyester

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Carnival Nightmare Evil Clown Boy’s Costume

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