Carnevil Clown Girls Costume

Size Doesn’t MatterWhen it comes to clowns, it doesn’t take much to make them creepy. A little too much face makeup, and the smile turns into a leer. Maybe the costume is a little worn out. Somehow, that’s creepy too. Even the smallest clown figurine can strike fear into people’s hearts. So it makes sense that kid clowns can be just as terrifying as adult clowns! Do you have a little horror lover in your household? Well, this Girls Carnevil Clown Costume is right in their wheelhouse! They will love being able to scare adults by creeping up behind them.

Product Details
This clown costume has all the creepy details your child could desire. The dress is a shiny silver with red pom poms down the front. The ruffles on the neckline, sleeves, and skirt seem innocent and feminine, but the metallic fabric and red detailing change this look from childish to fiendish. The dress also comes with matching accessories! Silver gloves feature ruffles and red ribbon, as do the boot cuffs. Keep those legs warm with the white and gray striped knee high socks, too. Ta da! Creepy clown kid has arrived. All you need are some boots, a little clown makeup, and maybe a solitary red balloon…Into the ShadowsIn a costume like this, there are plenty of options to scare the heck out of people. Wait until the cover of darkness, and then find a shadowy corner to leer at people. Or just stand in unlikely places and stare blankly at nothing. Even in a brightly lit room, that will certainly get people’s attention! No matter where your child wears this costume, they will have many opportunities to give people a fright. When it comes to trick or treat, we know what this clown is handing out!  

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Red & White & Gray

Material: Polyester


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Carnevil Clown Girls Costume

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