Care Bears Friend Bear Toddler Costume

OODLES OF FRIENDSAfter just one day of preschool, your toddler has amassed many friends. Every child in the class is now their friend and they have lots of stories to tell you when they come home, proving their newfound friendships. With every day comes a new story. One day they’ll come home and tell you all about Jack, their newest pal and how he’s the best at coloring within the lines during art. The day after, you’ll hear about Chloe and why she’s fun to play house with and you’ve heard all about her latest friend, Katie, and her sticker collection. You couldn’t be more proud that your toddler is a thriving, amicable preschooler, with lots of stories about school adventures with new playmates. Since they’re so naturally neighborly, the Care Bears Friend Bear costume for toddlers is a prime choice. It’s the perfect way to showcase their innate friendliness in the cuddliest, coziest way. Ideal for little Care Bear fans with big hearts, this costume highlights a trait that deserves to be on full display!  

Design & Details
Transforming into Friend Bear is as simple as 1-2-3, just pick up the Made by Us Care Bears Friend costume for toddlers and the rest is easy. The plush, colorful jumpsuit has a full-functioning zipper in the back and features warm, comforting plush fabric. The belly badge matches Friend Bear’s to a tee, with two intertwined smiling yellow flowers. A character hood and heart-adorned paw mitts are attached to the costume while a pair of shoe covers guarantee your little one is covered from head to toe in soft, delightful fabric. COSTUMES FOR THE WHOLE CLASSYour toddler’s friends can get in on the Care Bears costume fun because we have many different costumes to choose from. Transform into Grumpy, Tenderheart, and Cheer Bear with all our officially licensed costumes.                         

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Orange & White & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Care Bears Friend Bear Toddler Costume

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