Care Bears Friend Bear Child Costume

Bearing is CaringYour child may miss some of the subtler aspects of life (cleaning their room, doing their homework on time, clearing their dishes, making their bed, remembering their library books…etc…etc…) but there’s one area in which your kiddo excels: friendship!   Seriously, what your child lacks in organization and tidiness, they more than make up for in good deeds, hugs, helping hands, and loyal friendship. Does a pal have a birthday coming up? Your kid won’t just remember, they’ll make a handmade card, pick out the perfect recipe, and bake a sweet treat. Is a kid in their class getting bullied? Your little one will befriend them and stand up for them every chance they get. Does someone need help with a school project? Have no fear”your child is here! It’s remarkable, actually. This Care Bears Friend Bear Kid’s Costume was made for a kid just like yours, so go ahead and show ’em you care! It’s exactly the kind of thing they’d do for a pal.

Design & Details
Officially licensed and designed with careful attention to authentic details, this cozy costume is the real deal! It’s comprised of a fleecy, faux-fur jumpsuit that matches Friend Bear’s peachy-yellow hue, and keeps your kid cuddled up in its head-to-toe cover. A hood with bear ears and a stitched face help transform your child into Friend Bear, as do the belly badge, heart paw accents, and your child’s cheerful, friendly demeanor. You’ve Got a Friend BearWe don’t think this costume will necessarily make your child a better friend (because honestly, we’re not sure that that’s possible), but it will certainly help to highlight one of their trademark qualities. Don’t be surprised if your kid invites all their friends to dress up like other Care Bears to complete the pack”a group costume is always going to appeal to an outgoing little bear like yours!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Orange & White & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Care Bears Friend Bear Child Costume

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