Care Bears & Cousins Lotsa Heart Elephant Child Costume

NEVER FORGET THE ’80s! A lot of the cartoons that we loved back in “the before time” have slipped off the radar.  Try as you might, there are a number of them that you just can’t find no matter how badly you search on Internet streaming sites ” even if you scrounge the depths of torrent pages, which we know you haven’t been doing!   But, what other option do we really have to keep these amazing characters and stories alive! ?  We’ve got to care about them or they fade away.Fortunately, the Care Bears aren’t going anywhere.  We suspect that has something to do with a certain lovable pink elephant that ensures things stay right where they are supposed to.  Not only does the character have the ability to knock some sense into those who need a kindly reality check, but she has all the powers of a regular elephant, too!   That means we won’t be forgetting things any time soon.  Of course, Lotsa Heart Elephant can’t do it alone… 

Design & Details
Thankfully, your kiddo has just what it takes to help Lotsa Heart bring love and cheer to the world.  With your tyke’s endless enthusiasm and the inventive work of our in-house designers, this Lotsa Heat Elephant Costume just might change the world!   This officially licensed jumpsuit is made of comfy custom fur and features an oversized hood with Lotsa Heart’s facial features, giant ears, and long trunk.  The belly badge patch and felt hearts on the palms and rump make your kiddo a perfect member of the Care Bear Cousins!  PREPARE A COUSIN CALL! The only thing better than having one of the Care Bear Cousins around is having the whole team!   Of course, we wouldn’t leave your kiddo to save the world all by themselves.  Team up with the rest and let that Care Bear Cousin Call roar!   

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Care Bears & Cousins Lotsa Heart Elephant Child Costume

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