Care Bears & Cousins Cozy Heart Penguin Toddler Costume

COMFY.  COZY.  CUTE! Initially, we had no idea how a penguin managed to be so comfortable in whatever climate and habitat that was shared by a whole bunch of temperate-dwelling mammals.  From lions to elephants, cats and dogs, and of course a whole den of Care Bears, how could an arctic bird possibly feel that she belonged in the Forest of Feelings! ?  Well, once we remembered that this adorable Care Cousin knew all about the whole “home is where the heart is,” things made sense! When your abilities are all about making anyone feel cozy no matter where they are, it is almost too obvious that Cozy Heart Penguin would fit in with the rest of the Care Bears and Cousins.  Fortunately, she’s got plenty of chilly ponds to take a dip in between adventures where she’s making everyone else feel that extra bit of snuggly.  And, we hear that it is time for Cozy Heart to make a visit to your own den and bring some of that loving care along with her!   

Design & Details
Help your kiddo feel cozy and cute while making all their cuddles especially soft thanks to this officially licensed Cozy Heart Penguin Costume from Care Bears.  This kid-sized jumpsuit is made of soft, custom fur… even though Cozy Heart wouldn’t technically be fuzzy.  But, even our genius in-house designers couldn’t figure out a way to make waterproof spandex feel as soft as Cozy Heart deserves!   This perfect compromise will give your kiddo the look of the classic Care Bear Cousin while still feeling as warm and snuggly as this delightful penguin character.  WHAT DOES THE PENGUIN SAY?When your kiddo teams up with the rest of the Care Bear Cousins in this Cozy Heart Penguin Costume, they’ll all be ready to unleash the mighty Cousin Call!   Of course, that means we also finally get to know what the penguin says while beaming out that cozy cry. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Purple & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Care Bears & Cousins Cozy Heart Penguin Toddler Costume

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