Care Bears Cheer Bear Backpack

AVOID MAGIC MIRRORSCheer Bear is basically an eternal source of optimism and hope among the Care Bears in the clouds.  It sorta is her name, after all, but she manages to keep her get-up-and-go attitude even when trying to make Grumpy smile. At least, so long as Professor Coldheart isn’t firing off any of his weird magic mirror blasts and corrupting the Bear’s normal personalities.  Seeing Cheer Bear become a sullen and smile-killing gal is practically torture.  Fortunately, all is resolved, and Cheer Bear has your back!  

Design & Details
Of course, when our in-house designers partner up with the Care Bears, Cheer Bear is here to help you more directly!   With this officially licensed Cheer Bear Backpack, you can have her sparkling personality with you everywhere you go while she helps you tote all your burdens in this 8×20″ backpack with an additional inner zip pouch.  The plush bear look is the real winner, though, because how else can you carry smiles in your pocket! ? A BIT OF RAINBOW MAGICNobody knows how to bring the rainbow out quite like Cheer Bear.  They might be a common sight up in the clouds, but on Earth, we’re kind of limited to the after-storm variety.  That is unless you’ve got this exclusive Cheer Bear Backpack.  Then, you can bring the rainbows with you everywhere you go.  

Brand: FUN Wear

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Care Bears Cheer Bear Backpack

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