Buzz Lightyear Kid’s High Top Shoes

Mission: Space ExplorationSpace Rangers have a super-exciting job: To go beyond the known reaches of the universe and seek out the unexplored! This can lead to some really incredible but really bizarre discoveries, such as the bedroom of a kid named Andy, a game machine full of three-eyed aliens, and the lair of Sid, a galactical menace. If Space Rangers want to return safely from their adventures, they need the proper gear. 

Product Details
Go to infinity and beyond while wearing this officially licensed pair of Kid’s Buzz Lightyear Youth High Top Sneakers! The hight tops have green, white, and purple faux leather uppers, and soles made of thick purple rubber. The cushioned foam insoles ensure a comfy fit. The included white lace ties thread through colorful rivets. A Friend in Me Having the right pair of shoes is like having a good friend with you at all times. They’ll keep you comfortable and help you to look awesome! Plus, there’s just something about cool shoes that make you feel as though you’re ready for liftoff at all times. 

Brand: Ground Up

Gender: Unisex

Size: 1

Color: Green & Purple & White

Material: Faux Leather


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Buzz Lightyear Kid’s High Top Shoes