Buzz Lightyear Child Space Ranger Inflatable Jetpack

A Hero’s PackWhen Buzz Lightyear dons his famous jetpack, he isn’t just a regular hero”he’s a brave and daring space ranger! Thanks to his trusty jetpack, Buzz is capable of thrilling feats of daring-do, often flying to the rescue in the nick of time. Whether it’s off to infinity and beyond or simply providing an exciting entrance for guests at the gates, Buzz Lightyear knows how to make the most of his jetpack”and from the looks of it, he loves every minute of it!

Product Details
Fly like a space ranger with the Lightyear Child Space Ranger Inflatable Jetpack! This unique product is ready to fuel your wildest space-aged dreams and create unforgettable memories that will last from now until infinity and beyond. Made from high-quality vinyl, it inflates to approximately 45″ x 11″ and easily fits over you or your child’s shoulders for a comfortable, secure costume experience. It can be filled with breath or with an additional pump, not included.It’s officially licensed, so you know you’re getting an authentic addition to your astronaut look! So grab your Lightyear Child Space Ranger Inflatable Jetpack today for sky-high fun! Of course, it won’t actually let your child fly like Buzz Lightyear, but it will have them ready for a trip to infinity and beyond! The Space Ranger AccessoryIf you want to give your child the most authentic Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger costume possible, then you’re going to want this toy jetpack added to your outfit! It’s an easy choice for any Ranger in training!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: One-Size

Color: Gray & Red & Yellow

Material: Vinyl


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Buzz Lightyear Child Space Ranger Inflatable Jetpack