Bugged Out Boys Costume

THIS Is a Job for……We’ve all heard of superheroes with X-ray vision, super speed, control of bats, a magical hammer, and even the ability to grow weaponous dots. If you ask us, being able to deal with bugs and not run away screaming is the most impressive superpower yet! Anyone who’s had to stare down a spider or a cockroach will agree: Dealing with a space alien is creepy, but dealing with a centipede is even more terrifying!  

Product Details
Show everyone your nerves of steel when you wear your hilarious Bugged Out Costume for Boys! The one-piece jumpsuit is made of khaki-colored polyester jersey knit that’s comfortable and breathable. Printed details add to the fun, including a logo from a fake exterminator company, a utility belt with a silver-toned buckle, and lots and lots and LOTS of ants, larvae, spiders, and more. Oversized plastic crickets are attached to the outfit’s front to really increase the “ick” factor. The matching baseball-style hat has a size-adjustable band at the back and will hopefully protect your head from spiderwebs (no one enjoys doing that “oh gross, I just walked face-first into something sticky” dance.) And don’t forget the tools of your trade! The included red backpack has been stiffened to look like an exterminator’s spray canister, complete with length-adjustable shoulder straps, an attached plastic hose, and printed bug graphics. Bug OffYou’ll be prepared to rid the neighborhood of all pesky insects this Halloween! We suggest asking to be paid in trick-or-treat candy. 

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Red & Beige

Material: Polyester


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Bugged Out Boys Costume

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