Bubble Pineapple Costume for an Infant/Toddler

Fruit FanaticWith some kids, you have to push and pull to get them to eat their fruits and veggies. It’s all, “I want mac n’ cheese,” or “give me pizza! ” But not your kiddo! Your child gobbles up fresh fruit like it’s going out of style. Strawberries? More, please!  Apricots? Fresh or dried, take your pick! Blueberries go in everything from yogurt to cereal to pancakes to pies. And don’t even get them started on bananas! But your child’s true love is pineapple. No sooner do they pass the green spikes and golden rind in the supermarket, then they are begging to bring one home. They can down an entire a fruit, on their own, in minutes (though you’ve since learned to ration them), and your child even suggested giving out pineapples to trick-or-treaters, instead of candy. And while we love hearing of a tot who loves healthy food, we’re worried they may need to get some of this fruity energy out of their system. This Bubble Pineapple Toddler Costume will have them jumping for joy”talk about a natural sugar rush!

Design & Details
Sweet, sweet, sweet”that’s how we’d describe this look! It’s Made by Us in our costume studios, so we can see that every detail is as darling as we designed. The yellow tunic is printed with a pineapple-rind pattern, and features stuffing between the lining and outer shell to give it volume and make it look like a real pineapple! The headpiece matches the pattern on the costume, but it also features green pineapple leaves on the top. Believe us, if you never thought pineapple leaves could be cute, this costume will prove you wrong; just look at ’em! Pair it over a green long-sleeve tee and matching leggings, and take your little pineapple out to trick-or-treat!  Pineapple of Your EyeFruit nut or not, your child will always be your little sweetie. This costume just ensures that they get their fill of juicy pineapple before loading up on candy!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 18/2T

Color: Green & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Bubble Pineapple Costume for an Infant/Toddler

Catalog: FUN0498TD-18/2T Categories , , , Tags , , , , ,