Bubble Giraffe Kid’s Costume

How’s the Weather Up There?Sometimes, it can be hard to be a giraffe… and it can be hard to be a giraffe’s parent! Finding clothes that fit is really hard, especially if you’re looking for turtlenecks. None of your doorframes are tall enough for your little (or not-so-little) guy to walk through, so you have to spend thousands of dollars in construction costs to enlarge them. You can never find a bed that’s long enough for him (and that will fit in his room, anyway), and it’s a real headache (literally! ) to take him to soccer practice after school.On the bright side, you know all the growing pains will be worth it when he grows up and gets snatched by some talent scout from one of the big universities. When he’s fully grown and has an arm span of 12 feet, you know he’s going to be a prize for any basketball team. Or, if he’s not really into team sports, he could always get drafted by a college track team. He’d be a shoe-in for any long jump or high jump event, and he’d be bound to break every record out there. So, while fitting him into family pictures is annoying now, it’ll pay off when he’s raking in millions as a professional sports superstar.

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Let your kid stand a head and shoulders (and probably much more! ) above the rest with this Kid’s Bubble Giraffe Costume. The costume is covered in giraffe print and features an adorable stuffed giraffe head on the hood. There’s also giraffe hoof-like booties, along with a giraffe tail attached in the back.A Future Sports HeroRaising a giraffe has its challenges, but it will be worth it when your kid is first pick at draft season!

Brand: Underwraps

Gender: Unisex

Size: 06-Apr

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Bubble Giraffe Kid’s Costume

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