Bubble Cow Toddler Costume

Creature ComfortsAh, Mother Nature. She sure did out-do herself with diversity in the animal kingdom, didnt she? She made Earth home to creatures ranging from the cuddly to the creepy, the slimy to the scaly, the weird and the wild. The more regal dogs and cats get all the love, and the colorful and exotic reptiles get all the attention. Even the scary animals like bears and wolves get attention through fear and intimidation. But so many animals dont get the spotlight they deserve, just because they dont strike fear in your heart or play fetch with you!  

Design & Details
Thats where your child comes in! With the help of our exclusive Toddlers Bubble Cow Costume, were confident we can harness that potential if only your little one makes the costume as cute as it can be. The spotted, hooded bodysuit has a back zipper and is satin-lined for comfort. A tail, of course, is sewn to the back, and the top of the hood features a soft-sculpted nose, horns, and ears. It comes with shoe covers, too. Its also part of our Made By Us collection, so you can trust the quality and care that went into every single stitch! Mother Nature surely intended for this pairing of cute kiddo and fun animal, we just know it.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: Pink & Black & White

Material: Polyester


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Bubble Cow Toddler Costume

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