Bubble Blue Butterfly Kid’s Costume

Magical, Natural WingsWhat’s that, fluttering through the trees? A flash of blue, and the whisper of tiny wings…there it is! A blue and black butterfly rests on a nearby flower, and you can’t tear your eyes away. There’s just something magical about butterflies. Toddlers, teenagers, and adults all find themselves occasionally stopped in their tracks by one of these beautiful insects. Butterfly gardens exist for a reason”we just can’t resist them! Let your little one dress up as one of these winged beauties in a Kid’s Bubble Blue Butterfly Costume.

Product Details
This butterly costume has everything you need to turn your child into the cutest butterfly ever! The body of the butterfly is a soft, fuzzy tunic, which has lots of padding to round it out. The hood is separate and fastens under the chin. Two big eyes sit on the hood, as do two light blue, pipe cleaner style antennae. And we can’t forget the wings! These tiny, adorable wings match the blue and black tunic and have elastic shoulder straps. If you want a warmer costume, we recommend a longsleeve shirt and tights or leggings, as this costume does not include them. Your Sweet ButterflyWe don’t know how you will be able to resist squishing this wee butterfly to your chest! But there is trick or treating to do, and parties to attend. Your child will be a literal social butterfly as they flutter around the neighborhood or party room. And butterflies love sugar, too!

Brand: Underwraps

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18/24MO

Color: Black & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Bubble Blue Butterfly Kid’s Costume

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