Brown Bear Costume for Toddlers

night time front linesThe parental units have just said goodnight. The overhead light is all the way off. A nightlight shines feebly beside the nightstand. Shadows crowd around the bead and the situation looks dire for the poor innocent that’s trying to sleep bravely in their own big kid bed. That’s when the stuffed animals stationed around the comforter jump into action. Floxie the Lamb cozies up to maintain maximum comfort levels while the teddies line the exterior of the bed to fight off whatever might be lurking in the closet. If those shadows make one false move, the teddies will be on it! Did you know that your kiddo’s stuffed animal collection contains some serious heroes? They’ve kept closet monsters at bay and kept the tears from coming on overwhelming visits to friends’ houses. Teddy bears are a classic for a reason. Soft enough to be cuddled and tough enough to fight off anything scary in your kiddo’s imagination, it’s no wonder that a teddy bear is an essential part of any kid’s stuffed animal garrison!

Design & Details
Our creative crew designed this teddy bear costume to represent the classic bear with ultimate cuteness in mind. The fleece has a sweet little tail on the back and is topped off with ears attached to a fleecy headband. The costume is easy to change into, zipping up the back. With Made by Us quality, you’ll be able to see this costume passed down to younger siblings, which is great for such a timeless look! loveable level upWe know it’s hard to believe that your kiddo can be any cuter than they already are. But when you see how confident they are when dressed as their favorite stuffed animal, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They might even feel closer to Teddy than ever before which will make that nightly faceoff with the closet shadows more manageable than ever before!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 4T

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Brown Bear Costume for Toddlers

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