Brown Bear Costume for Girl’s

Juuust RightHave you ever heard the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? In it, a plucky girl helps herself to food, shelter and a little snooze inside a bear family’s home. It teaches a couple of lessons, like respecting other people’s property and not wandering into strange homes in the middle of the woods. We also noticed something else that was rather interesting. Baby Bear has really good taste. You’ll notice that in the tale, Baby Bear has all of the stuff that’s juuust right! Baby Bear’s chair is the most comfortable. Baby Bear’s porridge is the one that’s also juuust right. And Baby Bear’s bed? Well, it’s not too soft and it’s not too hard. It’s… you guessed it… just right.Well, this Brown Bear Costume takes its inspiration from Baby Bear and it’s definitely a costume that’s juuust right for your little one!

Design & Details
If your child is ready for a costume that’s just right (don’t worry, we’ll stop saying that now), then this Kid’s Brown Bear Costume may just be what you’ve been looking for! The costume starts with a brown jumpsuit that’s made out of a soft fleece material, which makes it ultra-cozy. The suit has extra tufts of faux fur around the collar, the cuffs, and the hemline. The back has a little bear tail and the finishing touch comes in the form of a bear ear headband. Just slip it on your child’s head to transform them in the fairytale character! The Three BearsThis adorable bear costume transforms your child into one cute little critter! Of course, if you want to reunite the entire bear family from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, then be sure to check out all of our bear costumes for adults to get the whole family involved!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Brown Bear Costume for Girl’s

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