Brilliant Batgirl Kids Costume

Have you heard about the new Batgirl?So, rumor is, there’s a new Batgirl. And she’s gonna take the mantle of Batgirl and run with it. She’s going to take the battle against the bad guys into the streets. She’ll clean things up, and she might even take her leftover time to do some everyday good deeds around the city. Batman’s always so dang busy, so we think Gotham’s residents will enjoy having a superhero who can make some public appearances! Now, as to the most surprising part of all? This new Batgirl lives right in your own home! Yup, that’s right. She’s the kiddo who resides in your upstairs bedroom. Because she’s your girl! We’re not sure who should be more excited, you or her, but when your child becomes a truly Brilliant Batgirl, you’re both going to love the claim to fame!

Product Details
Any child who’s looking for a superhero dress outfit is simply going to adore this Brilliant Batgirl Costume. The costume set features a fun and funky Batgirl dress and also includes a cape, mask, and a pair of gauntlets. The dress goes on as a pullover and features a gold sash attached at the waistline to look like a belt. The dress top features a glittery gold Batgirl bat logo, and the skirt features sparkly layered tulle with more Bat logos and more glitter accents. The black cape attaches at the shoulder with hook and loop fasteners and a glitter felt mask fits with an elastic band. Finally, gold gauntlets slip over the wrists to match the waist fabric and put the finishing touch on this chic superhero style!

Brand: Jerry Leigh

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Brown

Material: Polyester


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Brilliant Batgirl Kids Costume

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