Boy’s Toddler Gladiator Champion Costume

Colosseum CutieYour child might look like a cutie patootie, but inside, hes got the heart of a lion. Your child is a courageous champion, an impassioned warrior whos just waiting for his opportunity to shine. Hes raring to go, so perhaps its time that you unleashed him into the ring to use his endless supply of energy to conquer his foes! All you need to do is place a plastic sword in his hand and dress him in this gladiator costume!

Design & Details
Our expert costume designers went to work right away, trying to come up with the best costume to express your childs inner warrior and lo and behold, this is the magnificent toddler costume that they came up with! This toddler Gladiator Champion costume comes with a white tunic with golden armor featuring lion emblems designed right into it. Of course, the armor is made out of lightweight foam (not metal), so he wont have problems lugging that around the Colosseum all day long. The faux suede belt portion has a gold lion symbol printed on the front. And no Roman gladiator should charge into a fight without a helmet! Thats why weve included a foam helmet that looks as though it was made out of solid gold and even has a feathered red crest on top. The real finishing touch to the outfit is the bright red cape that makes him look like a true champion.Toddler Gladiator CostumeDont worry, though. Your child might look like a fierce competitor while he wears this Roman gladiator outfit, but hell still look like a cutie patootie! He’s going to have so much fun pretending to be a warrior in history all in the safety in the backyard where there’s nothing more harmful to him than some of that pesky poison ivy.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: 18MO

Color: Brown & Orange & Red

Material: Polyester


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Boy’s Toddler Gladiator Champion Costume

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