Boy’s Santa’s Helper Costume

THE PERFECT DECEPTIONThe world has known for generations that, somewhere in the Arctic, there is a secret base where a being with immense, magical powers that can only be matched, reportedly, by the jolly laugh and bigger belly of the leader of this “North Pole Workshop.” Governments from every nation have been trying to locate the shop to question the man who manages to travel to every home in the world all in a single night. Such a power must be replicated! (Why do you think we invented Daylight Saving Time. Certainly not just to match industrial and agrarian daily cycles! ) Still, all reports suggest that regular folks cannot gain an audience with this mysterious Santa Claus. He deals only with his own elves! But, that offers us a unique opportunity. All we need to do is find someone clever, capable, a little bit mischievous, interested in awesome presents, and… most importantly… short. Elves are short, apparently!

Design & Details
You’ll have to excuse us for noticing that you might have a perfect candidate for our North Pole Invasion Squad! Our costume design team has done the research and put together this Kid’s Santa’s Helper Elf Costume that will bring the holiday season right to your own hands and make your child look like he belongs right alongside the big guy, himself. This shirt and pant combo have stellar Christmas color schemes all in comfortable jersey fabric. The hat and shirt both have festive pom puffs while the boot covers feature a curly elfish toe that will let your kiddo blend in with workshop elves with ease! NO DOUBLE AGENTS! Now, recruiting spies to head to the North Pole is a crucial task! But, we cannot afford to have any double agents. No matter what threats the elves make about this so-called “Nice List,” your kiddo needs to remember what side they are on! (Then again… the promise of extra presents might give us second thoughts, too! ) 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Red

Material: Polyester


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Boy’s Santa’s Helper Costume

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