Boy’s Infant/Toddler Frankenstein Costume

Igor, It’s a Masterpiece! Deep in his underground laboratory, the mad scientist is hard at work bringing his latest brainstorm to life. It’s taken lots of grave robbing, many lonely hours, and quite a few skeptical questions from the local townsfolk, but his plan is finally taking shape. On the night of a huge thunderstorm, he flips the fateful switch that harnesses the power of lightning. His creation is alive! But wait! It’s so… cute!  

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Don’t let your little one know how completely adorable he looks in this Monsters Infant/Toddler Frankenstein Costume for Boys! The so-spooky-it’s-adorable outfit is a jumpsuit designed to look like a black jacket with long sleeves, lapels, and an attached purple shirt front, plus an attached pair of comfy black pants. The green headpiece really sells the monstrous appearance; it has a tall forehead with faux black hair, fake ears, and silver-tone neck bolts. All that’s left to do is find a pair of big boots and practice a shuffling walk!  Monster Mania Call off the pitchforks and torches: This monster is friendly! All it wants to do is join in the Halloween fun, and once the neighbors get a good look at it, they’ll be only too happy to oblige. This monster will be perfect at adding some spookiness to a school or Halloween event, even though its personality is as sweet as the candy bars it’ll get while trick-or-treating. It might try to tell you that it’s nocturnal and doesn’t need to go to bed, but don’t listen to it: little monsters need their sleep just like the rest of us. 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Black & Green & Red

Material: Polyester


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Boy’s Infant/Toddler Frankenstein Costume

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