Boy’s Fire & Brimstone Costume w/ Light Up Mask

Gotta Lava ItIt is safe to say that everyone likes to dress up. Some people like to be pretty princesses and show off their beauty and grace. Some people like to be movie or pop-fiction characters to rep their favorite media and find others who share those interests. Then there are the people who like to dress up as the most horrible, frightening things you have ever seen.That is where this Boys Fire and Brimstone Costume with Light Up Mask comes into play. Seeing the magma and shadow of the underworld brought to life in a costume is not something that most people can claim to have done, but you can change that! Why settle for the cliché ghost or vampire costume when you can embody all the infernal fires that haunt everyones darkest moments? It will truly be a treat to throw this on and feel the power of the dead flowing through you! Daylight Robe-eryIf you are looking for the perfectly haunting costume to menace your friends and neighbors, this is it! The black and red robe is covered in a frighteningly good graphic of melting skulls and fire. The hooded skull adds even more fiery flair, especially when it lights up, bringing the glow of burning souls into it. Being spooky has never been easier than in this costume! Skull-astic ExcellenceThis costume is perfect for any child who wants to be the spookiest thing in or under this world. Harness the infernal fires of doom to enhance your childs costume! Besides, who doesnt like to see a costume with a little bit of soul on it?

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Boy’s Fire & Brimstone Costume w/ Light Up Mask