Boy’s Ferris Bueller Toddler Costume

Bueller…Bueller…BuellerPsst! Hey you. Yeah, you. We’ve got good news and bad news for you. So, the good news is that your child has years before you have to worry about him cutting class, causing mayhem, or damaging very expensive property, even accidentally. But the bad news is…you may in fact have a brilliant little mischief-maker on your hands. We can’t be completely sure yet, he is still very young and many toddlers exhibit troublemaker tendencies early on. The best way to tell if you’ll need to keep an extra eye on your child in high school is to put hum in this Toddler Ferris Bueller Costume and see what he does. Does he instantly start making excuses why he can’t go to daycare because…cough, cough…he is sick? Does he suddenly show a keen interest in Ferraris and other hot rods? Does he break into a stellar lip-syncing rendition of “Danke Schoen” in your living room? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may just have a little Ferris Bueller on your hands! But don’t worry, what Ferris lacks in obedience, he makes up for in charm, smarts, and a killer retro fashion sense!

Design & Details
Alert Principal Rooney, because Ferris Bueller is back in action! This too-cool costume creates a perfect replica of Matthew Broderick’s iconic look from the film. It includes the three-tone faux leather jacket, complete with functional zipper pockets, as well as the patterned knit vest made famous on the streets of Chicago. Have your tot wear it over a classic white crew neck tee and a pair of gray pants and prepare for a day off filled with wild fun!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: 18MO

Color: Black & Brown & Gray

Material: Polyblend


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Boy’s Ferris Bueller Toddler Costume

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