Boys Deluxe Police Officer Costume

Hop Into the Taddle WagonHas your tyke ever said the words, “I’m going to tell on you!” while wearing a stern face that says they uphold law and justice. Do they just know when someone is doing something wrong? Perhaps they want to right the situation. Maybe yearn for the world to be honest and simple. (Maybe someone just took a few extra pieces of candy and there is a hint of jealousy going on.) Either way, if this sounds accurate, you might have a little police officer on your hands. There are a few productive ways for a kiddo cop, of course! Perfect their reading and writing skills when it’s time to write up citations for that neighbor’s poor parking or unsightly lawn. Flag down those speeding vehicles and remind them the “five over the limit” thing isn’t a real rule. Of course, if you’ve got a by-the-book officer, you might find that they start telling you to slow down, too… but there’s no such thing as too much safety, right? 
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Help your kiddo realize their law enforcement dreams with this Deluxe Police Officer costume. This ensemble includes a navy blue jumpsuit styled after the iconic police uniform, plus a hat and a belt. The jumper says “Police” on the front and has a patch on the sleeve. The hat features the police badge and is adjustable and the realistic-looking belt cinches the outfit together!The Law Works Both WaysIf you find your little cop is using too many of those citations, just remember that they aren’t above the law, either. Did they fail that last ‘clean room’ inspection? Well, better get on that, kiddo! And they better not break rule 3AT5: the Broccoli Ordinance. Finish up that plate! The opportunities with this Police Officer costume are endless!

Brand: Aeromax

Gender: Boys

Size: 10

Color: Blue

Material: Polyester

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Boys Deluxe Police Officer Costume

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