Boy’s Deadly Dragon Costume

The Azure KnightThe tale begins in a distant land. A place riddled with conflict and confusion. A place where all the most delicious of snacks have been hidden away by the nobility, locked behind doors that are decorated in terrifying totems and even conjured spirits designed to terrify all. The people of the land were starved for the taste of sweet. For decades, all they’d known was the taste of broccoli, liver and onions, sauerkraut, and the atrocious stew made of their mixing at the end of the week when they only had a few leftovers of each.Honestly, the children of the world were this close to going straight to mutiny and cannibalism.) But, how could anyone confront the dread homes? The parents thought about helping them but, really, it would have been very awkward to go up and ask someone else for candy for their kids. But, that is when the Azure Knight appeared. The powerful warrior, clad in blue-scale armor and the mighty form of the dragon. He faced the terror. He proclaimed the mighty words. And, soon, the haunting was over and the candy once again passed to the children!
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It is time to honor the work of the mighty warrior once again by donning the look of the fabled hero with this Deadly Dragon costume. This jumpsuit features blue and black scales, a stuffed tail at the back, and matching spines at the ankles. The wings have wire to maintain their proud shape and attach with hook and loop fasteners. The look is completed with the molded vinyl mask designed to look like a pretty terrifying dragon face. (We’re certain your tyke won’t be able to resist a few good roars behind this intimidating look!) The Quest for the CandyWhen your tyke stands at the stoop of a haunted home, they will have no fear with this Deadly Dragon costume. The only trouble will be when it isn’t Halloween anymore and they still want to live out the legend of the Azure Knight!

Brand: Amscan

Gender: Boys

Size: L

Color: Black & Blue

Material: Polyester

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Boy’s Deadly Dragon Costume

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