Blue Crayon Costume for Toddlers

Case of the BluesIf your toddler could make it happen, everything in your house would be blue. In fact, theyd probably make sure everything surrounding your home was blue as well. At restaurants when theyre given the little pack of crayons and paper placemat, they refuse to use any color but the blue”no blue, better replace the crayon pack. Playing I-spy on road trips, they call your attention to the sky or take their time waiting for a (even vaguely) blue car to pass. Your toddlers favorite outfit is a pair of navy pants with faded knees and a bright blue knit sweater that is just about past fitting their growing shoulders”pair it with over-worn blue socks and theyre day is made! To say theyre going through a blue period became an even crazier understatement when they came to you asking to be blue for Halloween”not an animal, monster, or superhero, but a color.

Product Details
Make your little ones dreams come true with this Toddler Blue Crayon Costume! The two-piece ensemble starts with a bright blue tunic featuring screen printed details that resemble the colored crayon you toddler cant get enough of. Its loose fit and wide arm openings offer plenty of space to wear warm layers underneath. The costume is polished off with an included cone-shaped hat gives the costume the familiar crayon shape. Whether they paint the neighborhood blue while trick-or-treating or color while dressed like their favorite color, this outfit is sure to delight! Livin’ in a Blue WorldEvery child seems to go through a phase where they want their house, future car, clothing, and even their pets to be the same color. And while its a great color, not everything comes in a natural shade of blue. But, you can grant them at least one of their blue world wishes with this Toddler Blue Crayon Costume!

Brand: Dress Up America

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Black & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Blue Crayon Costume for Toddlers

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