Blue Alien Kids Costume

Alien TakeoverGreetings, earthlings. Do not scream, panic, or try to flee. We have observed your doings from above and have invaded in order to to help you. Frankly, we see quite a few areas in your society that need improvement. Number one: why do your younglings attend the building of knowledge so many times a week? We will give them a brain probe that will instantaneously imbed them with all of the knowedge that they will ever need and they can go back to hitting small round objects with large wooden clubs. What’s that? It’s called baseball? Anyway, number two: You do not eat nearly enough of this sweet, frozen dairy product that we understand is known as ice cream. It will be mandatory to ingest it at least once a day. Number three: um, we forgot what that was. We are too busy eating this delicious frozen dairy product. 

Product Details
Start an invasion when you wear this Blue Alien Costume for Kids! The pullover black polyester robe is trimmed with a blue stripe rimmed in silver that runs down the center. A silver foam collar printed with alien symbols decorates the neckline. The molded blue mask hides your face, but has eye and mouth holes so that you can still see and speak. It secures around your head with an elastic band. Straight Outta RoswellNo alien sighting has ever been proven, but we’re pretty sure this is what they look like. Impress your earthling friends this Halloween in a costume that’s out of this world!  

Brand: Smiffys

Gender: Unisex

Size: S

Color: Black & Gray & Green

Material: Polyblend


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Blue Alien Kids Costume

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