Black Gogo Boots for Girls

What is the ideal accessory to finish off your little gal’s 60-inspired dance costume? Why, these Girls Black Gogo Boots are perfectly made for an on-the-go(go) girl like yours.She is always so busy, jetting around between school and dance and play practice, so she doesn’t have time to think about era-appropriate footwear for her Mod Halloween costume. This black faux patent leather pair, thankfully, will go with whatever frock she picks out, and their sturdy heel will help her stay balanced throughout a serious trick-or-treating session. So get her zipped up and maybe even teach her how to do the Frug. Just wait until she finds out that she’s going to need to tease her hair! That’s going to be a tough process to get her to sit still for! Ouch!

Brand: Ellie

Gender: Girls

Size: L

Color: Black

Material: Patent Leather

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Black Gogo Boots for Girls

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