Black Cat Premium Infant Costume

Sweetest Little Luck Charm Like ladders and broken mirrors, black cats have long been thought to be bad luck. That’s just a plain old misunderstanding. Sure, witches traditionally like to keep company with black cats, but who can blame them? Black cats are so. cute. Actually, having a black cat around will probably bring more good luck than bad. You’ll have the good karma that comes from being an animal lover and you’ll get to enjoy the sight of such an adorable little creature every single day!  

Product Details
Dress your purrfect little angel in this exclusive Premium Black Cat Infant Costume! The one-piece velour jumpsuit zips up the front and features snaps along its inseam for easy diaper access. The attached mitts can be flipped back to free your baby’s hands. Just like the included booties, the mitts are decorated with appliqued paw pads. A stuffed tail is sewn to the jumpsuit’s seat. The costume’s hood is lined with jersey material and decorated with faux fur ears. Oops, It FellCats and babies have one very important thing in common: They both like to watch things go “Crash”! If you’ve ever seen a cat slowly push a pencil off of your desk, or a cup off of the counter, you’ll have noticed that it looks remarkably similar to your baby letting his or her rattle drop for the millionth time. But of course you’re going to pick it up for your baby (or your cat). You can’t help it. They’re too cute to resist. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Black & Gray

Material: Polyester


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Black Cat Premium Infant Costume

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