Black and White Girls Saddle Shoes

Sock Hop to ItSo, your little one finally saw the movie Grease! and then immediately did a deep dive into the culture and fashion of the 50s. Fun! Can you remember when you were that age, and how the styles and songs and yes, even the malts of that era were so thrilling to uncover? We can!  That is precisely why these Girls’ Black and White Saddle Shoes will be so adored this Halloween. Since your kiddo has already picked out her pink poodle skirt and button-up cardigan, this pair will perfect that sockhop-ready look! Just tie a silk scarf around her neck, place a few pin curls, and teach her to say “Neato! ” She’s ready to hit the school dance, the diner, or even the neighborhood trick-or-treating scene!

Product Details
This faux leather pair is a perfect replica of the 50s staple footwear. The lace panel and heel are a stark black, white the rest of the shoe remains subtly off-white. There is sweet eyelet detailing, black laces, and a 1-inch heel. Nonslip treads mean this pair is ready to twist the night away”or at least pound the pavement in search of the best candy!

Brand: Ellie

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: As Shown

Material: Patent Leather


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Black and White Girls Saddle Shoes

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