Bigmouth Angler Fish Kid’s Costume

The Fish Who FishesSometimes, nature just does it better. For years, humans thought they were so very clever, since they figured out how to catch fish. They crafted fancy tools, like the rod, the fishing line, and lures. Then, years later, humans discovered the angler fish, who didn’t need any fancy tools to do the exact same thing… and they’ve been around for between 130 and 100 million years! Yep, angler fish figured it out way before humans did! Now, your child can transform into the fish that fishes by wearing this Bigmouth Angler Fish Costume for kids. The costume is a Made By Us design that’s inspired by the deep sea fish who tries to catch its dinner the same way that humans do!

Design & Details
This exclusive costume brings your child a unique look that’s perfect for Halloween, costume parties, or just general marine biology appreciation. The costume starts with a dark gray jumpsuit that has a printed pattern all over it. The legs, sleeves, and sides of the jumpsuit all have stiffened blue felt fins attached.Of course, our favorite part about this costume has to be the hood! The hood is shaped like an angler fish head, complete with a big, wide open mouth that provides plenty of space for your child’s face. The top of the hood even has a light-up “lure” on top to help your child catch unsuspecting prey, just like a real angler fish from the deeps!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Gray & Blue & White

Material: Polyester


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Bigmouth Angler Fish Kid’s Costume

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