Bendy Dark Revival Deluxe Costume

Reviving BendyYou’ve cleared the operating table and it’s time to bring him back. You have all the tools handy, from pens and ink to paper and rulers. The light of the incandescent light buzzing above you illuminates the blank page in front of you, almost causing you to lose focus and be lost doodling half-formed characters from the back of your mind. But no! You have to focus! The fans need to see Bendy once more, and so it is all up to you.Pick up that pen, Artist. Be careful not to splatter too much ink! But also, don’t be too careful! Who wants a Bendy without his characteristic ink splotches? No one!We know how hard it can be to find just the right costume to suit our needs. Do we go for horror and rock that slasher film monster look? Or maybe we go for suave and classic with a traditional Dracula costume? But wait! What about whimsy?! If only there were a way to hit all those notes in one costume It Suits YouWell, good news everybody! This Bendy costume from his upcoming appearance in Bendy and the Dark Revival is the perfect mixture of all those attributes. The classy striped pants and vest set the stage and allow that suave charm to be the background for the whimsy of the cartoonish imp Bendy and all his antics.We Really Ink You’ll Like It!This officially licensed costume (complete with authentic ink spills!) will be perfect for any number of occasions, and you’ll look inkredible the for all of them!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys


Color: Black & Orange & Yellow

Material: Polyester

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Bendy Dark Revival Deluxe Costume