Beautiful Butterfly Infant Costume

A Soaring SweetieIt is easy to imagine what your little one’s first steps are going to be like. Maybe it will be motivated by a sense of adventure and exploration. They’ve always been particularly curious about what may be behind that door. They wonder, “How is it that you always open that door and suddenly you have snacks in your hand! ?” But the first time they saw a bird and a pair of butterflies seemed to spark whole new ideas.”When do I get to fly?” Now that’s a question that we can all relate to wondering from time to time. But don’t worry about breaking the news to your baby too soon. While you’re still toting them from place to place, why not give them a pair of wings and give them the thrill of flying around? If anything it’ll make their first steps even more exciting!

Design & Details
 Give your tiny tyke the wings they deserve with this exclusive Beautiful Butterfly costume for Infants. This is a Made By Us outfit that begins with a black and white polka dot dress. It fastens with hook and loops in the back for easy changing and has puffed orange sleeves for an extra dose of adorable. The dress’s skirt is made of mesh layers and has a monarch wing overlay. The wings hold their shape with wire frame and fasten with hook and loops and the whole ensemble is topped off with a pom headband!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Black & Orange & White

Material: Polyester


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Beautiful Butterfly Infant Costume

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