Batman Wheelchair Cover Adaptive Costume

I’M BATMANYour secret has come to light. We’ve put the clues together. You’re noble, fearless, and brave with an astounding collection of bat-shaped weaponry. You’ve got a sweet ride. Most importantly, no one has ever seen you and the Dark Knight in the same room together. Coincidence? We think not. It’s okay though, we won’t tell anyone else. We just want to get a sneak peek at your Bat Cave and watch you on your next mission! If you let us watch you swoop down from your high perch above Gotham to take on the Joker, Harley Quinn, or Poison Ivy, that would be even cooler!  

Product Details
 A true super hero needs a super vehicle to take him where he needs to be faster than a flying bat! This officially licensed Adaptive Batman Wheelchair Cover Costume fits the bill perfectly: It’s designed to look just like the Caped Crusader’s classic ride, from the Batman graphics to the bat fins on the tail. Asphalt detail and “exhaust” coming out the tailpipe make it look like the car is in motion even when it’s standing still. The stiff sides are supported by plastic rods and attach securely to the chair with hook & loop fastener strips. Thanks to the ease of assembly, you’ll be on the road hunting down bad guys faster than you can say, “To the Batmobile! ” Save the Day When you need him, Batman is there in his trusty ride, providing hope and kicking some serious villain butt. Grab a Batman mask and get ready to defend Gotham once again!  

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Blue & Yellow

Material: Plastic


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Batman Wheelchair Cover Adaptive Costume

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