Bastet Goddess Girl’s Costume

Ancient KittyOf all the animal kingdoms animals, Mother Nature bestowed the felines with some serious regality; its just no wonder the Egyptians deduced that cats were connected to a higher power. Cats do what they want, when they want, and they do it with confidence. It doesnt matter where a cat is hanging out, or what time of day it is. Give a cat access to YouTube HQ and it would delete everyones videos before knocking the CEOs pen off the desk. We like to imagine the cats of the Nile getting tangled up in the mummifying gauze and looking up at the dignified priests like, what are you going to do about it?

Design & Details
Channeling this energy, the feline goddess Bastet owned every room she entered. She was, in other words, a boss. She ensured the mothers of Egypt were taken care of with watchful eyes. She made sure the rodents of Egypt didnt eat the spoils of the fertile crescent. In some circles, she even got the impressive, war-like title of protector of Egypt. We like to think that all cat-lovers have Bastet inside them somewhere. We know your little one does too. So if you want to let her sharpen those claws, our Bastet Goddess Costume for Girls will be perfect for her. Its one of our exclusive Made By Us collection, so you can sleep well knowing that love and care went into every stitch of your little ones new costume.Walk Like an Egyptian CatIts about time we put imbue cats with the respect they once had (and deserve)! No more embarrassing cats with YouTube videos of them getting caught in blinds or bouncing off walls after getting their fill of catnip. Bastet”erm, we mean your little one in this Bastet costume”will set it right.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Brown & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Bastet Goddess Girl’s Costume

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